Join us on a Quest….

Are you ready to kick off the new year with a bang? Let’s get fully charged and go into the year with our best energy. Faculty and staff of our member colleges are invited to join us on a three week Quest to Recharge. Using our DIEMlife platform, participants of the Quest will engage in activities that will enhance their emotional, physical and community well-being. Each week of the Quest will focus on a different domain of energy and each week drawings will be done and prizes awarded. All participants will be eligible to win. Join us for one week or all three. Get all the details and register here. Sign up now and invite your coworkers. Let’s recharge together and support each other to make 2021 a great year.

In addition to the Quest, our partner DIEMlife has extended an awesome opportunity to all faculty, staff and students of our member colleges…a discounted membership into “The World’s Biggest Race for Wellness” which includes a year of monthly virtual races, exclusive wellness challenges, and events for free with a purchase of an annual race pass ($25). This annual pass gets members access to all DIEMlife virtual wellness races in 2021. Typically the cost is $25 per year plus $15 per race so this is a great deal and a great way for you to have fun, engage in some friendly competition and take action to enhance your health and well-being.  This offer will expire on January 31, 2021 so check it now. Click on the Race for Wellness link above, scroll down to “GMHEC early bird partner package” and you’ll be ready to get in on the action.