Project Ensemble


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GMHEC together with its member institutions Champlain College, Middlebury and St. Michael’s College has implemented new technology to support our members’ strategic plans and better serve our institutions.  This initiative, called, “Project Ensemble”, represents our collaboration, innovation and success for each of our institutions.   Below is a brief summary of what we have accomplished:

  • Blackbaud RE NXT has been chosen as the information system for Advancement.  Using cloud technology, Blackbaud offers a complete suite of fundraising solutions to over 2,500 higher education institutions.  All three institutions went live in the Spring of 2019.
  • Oracle Cloud has been chosen as the information system for human resources, finance and potentially student records.  Oracle currently has more than 350 higher education customers in the cloud, supporting over 11 million students.  Oracle Finance and Budgeting went live in the Spring of 2019. Human Resources and Payroll went live in the Spring of 2020.

We succeeded thanks to strong teams which included subject matter experts from all colleges with deep experience and capabilities.  We also leveraged outside partners for implementation and project management.

The participation of each college in this collaborative venture through GMHEC allowed us to share our collective wisdom and realize financial benefits.  The technology brings a modernization to our information systems and revisions to our business practices to increase usability, functionality, and efficiency, and improve our reporting capabilities.