Project Ensemble Guiding Principles

Governance Structure

We recognize the unique opportunity which Project Ensemble brings to our three strong institutions.  As such, we have created a Governance Structure, made up of leadership across our institutions to bring clarity on roles and responsibilities, accountability and engagement initiatives.  We are proud to share that most of these roles have been filled from within our institutions and bring a deep level of leadership experience to this initiative.

Please review our Project Ensemble Governance Structure for more information.

Guiding Principles 

The Project Ensemble Steering Committee, along with other college leadership and project teams, developed the following Guiding Principles for Project Ensemble.  These Principles are intended to help guide our direction, decision making and collaboration.

  • The Student, Alumni, Donor, Employee and Parent experience matters.
  • Use Oracle and Blackbaud business processes as delivered to support best practices.
  • Decisions are made:
    • Efficiently, thoughtfully, transparently and collaboratively
    • For the greater good of all being successful
    • With data wherever possible
    • Utilizing an empowered governance structure at the appropriate levels to ensure timeliness
    • And final decisions are clearly communicated
  • Short and long-term fiscal stewardship is a priority and needs balance for sustainability.
  • Issues are escalated with solution options.
  • Change is expected, will be communicated and managed proactively to maximize user adoption.
  • Mutual individual and institutional respect & collaboration makes us stronger.
  • The work to optimize the technology continues after go-live.