The Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium is a collaborative endeavor of three Vermont Colleges: Champlain College, Middlebury College and Saint Michael’s College. Partnered together, our goal is to find ways to collaborate in administrative services common to all three institutions. This will create greater efficiency and help to reduce costs over the long term while increasing service levels to the students of our member institutions.

Our Mission

To create and foster collaborative opportunities by serving as an agent for economic and educational initiatives that bring value to all members. The power of each school working collaboratively on non-competitive matters will increase the quality of services and lower administrative costs.

Our Vision

To provide excellent resources and services to support all collaborative opportunities with innovative and highly functional systems, management tools, and dedicated and talented staff that will produce cost and quality improvements.

Focusing on the well planned delivery of support services will enable this consortium to achieve its shared vision of practical operating solutions resulting in controlling the cost to deliver higher education to students and enhancing each respective member’s educational mission.

Our Values

Be a highly efficient learning organization that supports:

  • Educational excellence
  • Creative cost management strategies to contain operational costs
  • Financial sustainability for member institutions
  • Fostering and promoting creative employee solutions to complex operating issues
  • Academic and administrative collaboration of common purpose and interest
  • Leveraging talent at our member institutions
  • A strong commitment to transparency, where appropriate
  • Better problem solving and information sharing of ideas and projects
  • Research, discovery and data collection and benchmarks for operating standards
  • Development of innovative systems
  • Future planning and higher productivity
  • Positive change and management of this change
  • Entrepreneurial efforts of common purpose and interest
  • Vitality and growth within the State of Vermont