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Accounts Payable Team

AP Team Members
  • Christine Brown - Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Joe Cadoret - Accounts Payable Specialist
  • Nicole Corriveau - Accounts Payable Lead
  • Cheryl Foster - Procurement Specialist
  • Nicole Ouellette - Accounts Payable Specialist
Contact the Team
  • Email:
  • Phone: (802) 443-2321
  • Office Hours: 8:15 AM - 5:00 PM EST

Accounts Payable Services

  • Supplier Administration and Support
  • Invoicing and Payments
  • Expense Management
  • Standard Mileage Rates for 2020
    • 57.5 cents per mile for business miles driven
    • 17 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes
    • Standard Mileage Rates for 2019
      • 58 cents per mile for business miles driven
      • 20 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes
  • Purchasing Card (‘P-Card’) Administration
    • For new Middlebury P-Card Applications, click here. For more detailed information on Middlebury P-Card benefits, click here.

General Navigation

How do I log in and navigate through Oracle?
How do I hide or unhide apps?
Reference Guide: Hiding and Unhiding Apps
Where do I find add-on tools for Advanced Oracle Users?
How can I customize my search criteria?

Expense Reporting

How do I create an expense report?

Reference Guide: Expense Reports (Updated 9/7/20)

How do I delegate the creation & submission of expense reports & p-card reconciliations?
How do I withdraw an expense report?

Reference Guide: Withdrawing Expense Reports (Updated 8/18/20)

How do I itemize my expenses?

Reference Guide: Itemizing Expenses (Updated 8/19/20)

If I'm being reimbursed for expenses, how do I add my bank account information for direct deposit?

Reference Guide: Expenses - Add Bank Account Info (Updated 8/31/20)

How do I reconcile my p-card?

Reference Guide: P-Card (Updated 9/7/20)

I'm an approver of expense reports. How do I approve them?

Reference Guide: Approval of Expense Reports (Updated 10/22/20)

I'm an approver on leave. How do I delegate my approval authority?

Reference Guide: Creating or Changing Approval Delegation (Updated 8/19/20)


How can I create a default account for all purchase orders?

1.0 - Reference Guide: Set Preferences

How do I search for and create a supplier?

2.0a - Reference Guide: General Supplier Search (Updated 8/10/20)

2.0b - Reference Guide: General Supplier Registration (Updated 9/5/19)

2.0d - Reference Guide: Supplier Troubleshooting 

How do I check if an existing supplier has direct deposit information?

How do I create a requisition-to-purchase order?
My requisition never turned into a PO. How do I get the PO to go through?
How I create changes to an existing PO?

6.0a - Reference Guide: Edit A Non-Approved PO

6.0b - Reference Guide: Edit An Approved PO

6.0c - Reference Guide: Change Order: Add A New Line

6.0d - Reference Guide: Change Order: Deleting A Line

6.0e - Reference Guide: Change Order: Changing Distributions (aka EDORDA)

6.0f - Reference Guide: Change Order: Correcting Line Item Price

6.0g - Reference Guide: Cancelling A Purchase Order

How do I approve a PO?

7.0 - Reference Guide: Procurement Approvals

Where can I get a W-9 for domestic suppliers, or a W-8 for an international one?

Substitute W-9 (all Colleges use this form)

W-8BEN (for international individuals)

W-8BEN-E (for international businesses)

PO Troubleshooting
Procurement Training Videos

Sales Tax Exemptions

Middlebury Form

Coming soon


How do I create an invoice?
Reference Guide: Invoice Entry – Unmatched (Updated 7/12/20)
How do I create an invoice that has a PO associated with it?
Reference Guide: Matched Invoices (Updated 9/5/19) Reference Guide: Matched Line Invoices – NEW!
How do I withdraw and resubmit my invoice?
Reference Guide: Withdraw and Resubmit Invoices (Updated 7/12/20)
How do I insure a supplier's check will be held for pick-up?
Reference Guide: Special Instructions for Payment – NEW!
How does an existing supplier sign up for Direct Deposit (ACH)?
In order for a supplier to be paid via ACH, please have them complete GMHEC's Direct Deposit form.
I’m a Supplier Invoice approver on leave. How do I delegate my approval authority?
Reference Guide: Creating or Changing Approval Delegation (Updated 8/19/20)
Invoice Troubleshooting
How to Resolve Invoice Errors

Supplier Portal

What is the Supplier Portal?
The Supplier Portal allows new payees to self-register as a "supplier" into Oracle. The term "supplier" is a generic reference to anyone, or any entity, that is being paid for services, goods, reimbursements, refunds, etc. Once these payees are approved as suppliers in Oracle, invoices may be created for reimbursement or payment. Existing suppliers in Oracle may also use the Portal to edit their contact information or direct deposit information in a secure format.
I am an existing supplier. How do I obtain access to the portal?
Contact Accounts Payable at, or 802-443-2321 to receive access to the Portal.
How do I edit or add banking information for direct deposit?
Specific to updating and/or adding direct deposit information, please use the Updating or Adding ACH Information reference guide.
How do I edit my contact information?
To manage/edit your profile, please use this Profile Management reference guide.
One of the colleges sent me a link to self-register. Is there a guide to walk me through the process?
For College end users -- how can I determine if my Supplier is in Oracle already?
Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to check if your supplier has a Portal account.
Does this process apply for students registered as suppliers for payments?
Yes, a student who is requesting reimbursement and/or has recently won an award or received an internship will use this process. For instruction, they can follow the Self Registration - Student Instructions.

Chart of Accounts

Where's my College's Chart of Accounts?