Information Technology


The purpose of the Information Technology project in Project Ensemble is to provide standup support during the implementations of Blackbaud for Advancement, and Oracle for Finance and Human Resources/Human Capital Management (HCM).  IT resources from each of the three colleges are being utilized along with third party consultants to perform this work. The new cloud technology solutions will enable Champlain College, Middlebury and Saint Michael’s College to substantially upgrade their infrastructure and business functionality with industry leading technology.

While the systems are hosted by Blackbaud and Oracle, Project Ensemble IT has undertaken several sub-projects that are intended to ensure a successful implementation of Blackbaud and Oracle and a smooth transition from the college’s legacy systems into these new, exciting tools.

Project Goals

  • System-to-system interfaces – With the implementation of these new systems, data must be shared between your existing systems and Blackbaud and Oracle.  Our Hitachi implementation partner and college IT resources are in the process of designing and developing over 150 interfaces.
  • Data Migration – Transactional and demographic data will be migrated into the Oracle and Blackbaud systems.  The migration for Blackbaud began in February. Oracle Finance will begin in late April.
  • Technical Infrastructure and Security – In January, we started several projects to ensure the security and integrity of GMHEC’s technical infrastructure.  These include decisions concerning the technology for everything from Single Sign-on, to managing device and user identities, to selecting tools for the consortium Help Desk.  Our goal is to provide state of the art security and integrity.
  • Reporting and Business Intelligence – During the summer months, we will begin scoping and architecting a user-friendly platform for consortium users to build ad hoc and strategic reports and dashboards.  The goal is to provide high quality data to support critical business decisions at the colleges on a near real-time basis.

We look forward to updating you with more information about our progress in these key areas through the course of the project.  This is an exciting project with a multitude of opportunities to use technology in new ways for Champlain College, Middlebury, and Saint Michael’s College.

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