Resources for Students

How do I log in?

Logging in and General Navigation

This guide describes how to log in to Oracle and navigate the Home screen.

How do I manage my time card?

Manage Your Time Card (Student Employees)

This guide walks student employees through how to
create, edit, save, and submit time cards for approval in

VIDEO: How to Create a Time Card
VIDEO: How to Enter Time for One or More Jobs

Can I submit my time on my phone?
How do I add an important document?

Manage Document Records

The process enables you to add and submit various
important documents in Oracle.

How do I add a photo?

Add Photo

This process enables you to upload your photo into

How can I view my payslip?

Download and View Your Payslip

This process will be used to help employees view their
personal payroll payslips.

How can I add or update my W-4?

Add/Update Your W-4

This guide describes how to make a change to your
federal and/or state income tax withholding (Form W-4).

This IRS withholding estimator can aid you in filling out your W-4.

Where can I view my current salary?

View Current Salary

This process will be used to help employees view their
current salary information.

How can I update my Direct Deposit information?

Direct Deposit - Add, Change or Remove Accounts

This process will be used to help employees add, change
or remove personal direct deposit bank accounts for
Payroll to be deposited into.