Resources for Students

How do I log in?

Logging in and General Navigation

This guide describes how to log in to Oracle and navigate the Home screen.

How do I manage my time card?

Manage Your Time Card (Student Employees) (Updated 8/13/2021

This guide walks student employees through how to
create, edit, save, and submit time cards for approval in

VIDEO: How to Create a Time Card
VIDEO: How to Enter Time for One or More Jobs

Can I submit my time on my phone?

Time Entry on a Handheld Device (Updated 8/13/2021)

How do I add an important document?

Manage Document Records

The process enables you to add and submit various
important documents in Oracle.

How do I add a photo?

Add Photo

This process enables you to upload your photo into

How can I view my payslip?

Download and View Your Payslip

This process will be used to help employees view their
personal payroll payslips.

How can I add or update my W-4?

Add/Update Your W-4

This guide describes how to make a change to your
federal and/or state income tax withholding (Form W-4).

This IRS withholding estimator can aid you in filling out your W-4.

Where can I view my current salary?

View Current Salary

This process will be used to help employees view their
current salary information.

How can I update my Direct Deposit information?

Direct Deposit - Add, Change or Remove Accounts

This process will be used to help employees add, change
or remove personal direct deposit bank accounts for
Payroll to be deposited into.

Having trouble finding your correct routing number and bank name? Use the bank name lookup sheet linked here.

How do I update my race and ethnicity?

Update Race and Ethnicity

This guide describes how to update your race and ethnicity in Oracle.

How do I apply for a job as an internal candidate?

(For SMC and GMHEC only) Apply for Job as an Internal Candidate

This guide will walk you through the process of applying for a job posting in Oracle as an internal candidate.