Celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month!

Summer in Vermont…. bluebird skies, vibrant greens of the trees and meadows, flowers blooming in their bright, stunning hues, the beautiful sound of birds singing, the shimmering crystal blue waters of our lakes and streams…Vermont has it all. Not only is the environment stunningly beautiful and awe inspiring but it’s also good for us.

Spending time outdoors provides a host of benefits for our health and well-being. It has been correlated with increased feelings of calm, higher levels of happiness and overall life satisfaction, a greater ability to focus and pay attention, a decreased risk of anxiety and depression, an enhanced ability to be patient, decreased levels of stress, higher levels of perceived connectedness, better sleep, and a decreased likelihood of developing chronic disease. And the good news is that to reap these benefits, a little dab’ll do ya. Just two to three hours a week is all you need and there are plenty of easy ways to make that happen. A short walk before breakfast, at lunch time or after dinner, a walking meeting either in person or over the phone, enjoying a meal al fresco, setting up your workstation outside or heading out for an adventure in one of our State parks… there are so many options.

July is National Parks and Recreation month, so there is no better time than the present to ramp up your outdoor time. Whether you enjoy boating, hiking, swimming or perhaps some forest bathing, there is a Vermont State Park for you. If you preferred structure activity, Vermont State Parks offers many events for families and people of all ages. Perhaps you’ve been interested in learning about the birds or butterflies of Vermont.  Maybe your child would be interested in becoming a junior ranger or perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn how to fish.  Check out the State Parks events calendar here. There is something for everyone.

Summer will be gone in a flash so get outside now. Explore an unfamiliar place, enjoy an adventure, reconnect with yourself, with family and friends and make some memories. There is no time like the present.