GMHEC launches first digital wellness collaboration with DIEMlife

Shelburne, VT – March 25, 2020 – The Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium (GMHEC) and DIEMlife today launched their Wellness Quest initiative, the first digital health technology collaboration for faculty and staff at Champlain, Middlebury, and St. Michael’s Colleges. Participants will establish wellness goals (or Quests), identify the steps necessary to achieve them, and pursue their aims with the support of program coordinators and others.

Each campus will offer Quests that encourage new personal challenges, daily exercise, and stress-management activities while enlisting the support of others on DIEMlife’s social networking platform. Each Quest is broken down into manageable weekly challenges that encourage each participant to proceed at their own pace, and each encourages participants to seek and offer encouragement to others.

“We are so excited to be part of the DIEMlife family.  Their values are in direct alignment with those of the Consortium and I’m confident that this platform will elevate our ability to enhance faculty and staff well-being at our member schools”, says Rebecca Schubert, GMHEC’s Employee Well-being Program coordinator.

DIEMlife got its start when co-founder Timothy Midgley sought a way help his recently widowed mother re-establish her personal wellness goals in a way that strengthened her network of acquaintances and introduced her to new people. Since then, DIEMlife has become a leading hub for those who wish to further their wellness goals in a community-based context. The platform encourages members to support each other’s individual efforts, to collaborate on team pursuits, and to leverage their DIEMlife networks to promote fundraisers and other events.

“This is a major step forward, both for DIEMlife and for GMHEC,” notes Midgley. “We look forward to using our expertise in both wellness programming and social networking to help launch this new initiative with the GMHEC. Our platform’s proven ability to bring people together in the pursuit of important goals speaks to the community spirit that has always characterized Vermont.”   

About DIEMlife

DIEMlife, Inc. is a New York based, privately held company that helps organizations launch their social impact and wellness initiatives. When you add people and connect them together, they become a community management system for organizations. They streamline workflows across events, fundraisers, and wellness initiatives all on one platform. Their Quest builder creates content that can be plugged into social media channels and legacy systems like email and websites.