Resources for Managers

Where do I find the Quick Reference Guide for Managers?
How do I onboard a new employee?

Employee Onboarding

This guide helps you complete onboarding tasks assigned to you
for the new employee. You can also monitor tasks
assigned to the new employee to ensure they are being

How do I manage an employee termination?

Manage Employee Terminations

This process enables you to process Terminations in
Oracle (including resignations, retirements, etc.).

How do I change an employee's working hours?

Change Employee's Working Hours

This guide helps you to change an employee’s working hours.

How do I add and submit important documents for an employee?

Manage Document Records for Your Employees

The process enables you to add and submit various
important documents in Oracle for or on behalf of your

How can I create, enter and approve a timecard for an employee?

Creating, Entering and Approving Timecard on Behalf of Your Employee

This guide walks you through the process of
creating, entering, and submitting time on behalf of your
employees. It is a best practice that employees manage
their own time card.

How do I approve or reject a timecard?

Approve or Reject a Timecard

This guide describes how to approve or reject a time card in

How do I enter an absence for an employee?

Enter Absence on Behalf of an Employee

This guide describes how to enter an absence on behalf of an
employee who reports to you.

How do I approve or reject an absence?

New Approval Guide

Approve or Reject an Absence

This guide describes how to approve or reject an absence in

How do I delegate approval authority for Timecards and Absence requests?
How do I engage with requisitions through ORC?

(NEW!) How to Engage with Requisitions through Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC)

This guide will outline the process of viewing and engaging in the recruitment process in Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC.)