Managing overwhelm and enhancing our mental well-being

It is not news that there is a mental health crisis in our county.  We have been hearing about it a lot lately.  In August of 2020, the CDC reported that among U.S. adults, symptoms of anxiety had tripled, and symptoms of depression had quadrupled since 2019.  Pandemic fatigue, job losses and loss of income, living in a constant state of uncertainty about the future, worries about the health and well-being of our loved ones, a loss of the way of life as we had known it, living in a virtual world, and being constantly connected to our screens, juggling work and parenting…. it’s no wonder that our mental well-being is suffering.

While it may feel overwhelming there is a lot we can do to enhance our resilience and mental well-being.  Here are just a few easy strategies you can implement to give you a boost. 

  1. Forest bathing
  2. Savor positivity
  3. Practice the minimum effective dose of self-care
  4. Reach out for help:
    1. Whether you need help reducing stress, are feeling ready to make a change in your life, or need to talk to someone, Cigna and your Employee Assistance Program offers a variety of behavioral health support tools to help you get the support you need.  Check out the Cigna Behavioral Health Resource Guide and the resources available through your EAP