Wisely Pay Card

What is the Wisely Pay Card?

The Wisely Pay Card is an alternative, convenient and paperless method to receive your paychecks. This card can be used like cash or a traditional debit card wherever Visa is accepted.

How do I setup my direct deposit information in Oracle to receive pay on my pay card?

To receive your paycheck on your pay card, follow the instructions linked here to setup your direct deposit information specific to your pay card in Oracle.

Do I need to activate my Wisely pay card before receiving my pay?

Visit https://www.activatewisely.com or call 1 (877) 431 5860 to activate your new Wisely pay card. This should be done prior to pay day.

Are there fees associated with my Wisely pay card?

Yes. See the fee schedule linked here for any fees associated with your Wisely pay card.

Where can I withdraw funds from my Wisely pay card?

It is recommended to withdraw funds from your Wisely pay card at any in-network ATM to avoid fees. See the ATM locator linked here for in-network ATM and in-person locations in your area.

Who do I contact for support?
  • Questions about using your pay card, fee schedule, pay card balance, myWisely app - Wisely Support Team
    • Wisely Support Team - 1 (866) 313 6901
  • Signing up for a pay card - College HR Team
    • Middlebury College - hr@middlebury.edu or (802) 443 5465
  • Setting up direct deposit for pay card or paycheck does not look correct - GMHEC Payroll Team
    • GMHEC Payroll Team - payroll@gmhec.org or (802) 443 2100
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