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Gather up your teammates and get ready to race across the Great Western Loop

Grab your coworkers and work together to be the first team to complete the Great Western Loop.  This 6,875 mile trail links together five long-distance hiking trails: the Pacific Crest Trail, the Pacific Northwest Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, the Grand Enchantment Trail, and the Arizona Trail. It features some of the most remote, beautiful, hostile, and pristine environments in the United States, including the Mojave Desert, the Sonoran Desert, 12 National Parks, and 75 wilderness areas.  

Each participant on your team will be able to bike, hike, swim, paddle or engage in a host of other activities which will be converted to steps to move your team toward the finish line.  Each day participants will “check in” to the DIEMlife app and manually enter their type and duration of activity.  The app will automatically convert the activity to steps and move the individual and team along the leaderboard.  The team who completes the trail first will win the designation of “The Great Gallivanters”.  At the conclusion of the challenge all participants will be entered into a drawing to win one of ten prizes including Garmin Forerunner watches and $100 gift cards. All participants will have an equal opportunity to win a prize.

The challenge will begin on Monday, July 20th and will start and end at the Grand Canyon.  The challenge will conclude when the first team arrives back at the Grand Canyon.   

Registration and details for how to sign up, a link to the app and how to track your daily activity will be available at 5 pm EST on Thursday, July 16th. You will find all of that information here (this post will be updated then), on the well-being calendar and on our Facebook page.

I hope you’ll join us.