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What is HCM?

Oracle HCM, short for Human Capital Management, is the software system that runs the functions of Human Resources and Payroll. HCM is a cloud based system where you will enter your hours worked, your PTO, change your direct deposit, update your W-4 information, change your address, review paycheck details, view your W-2, and more.

How does this affect me?

Staff: HCM is where you enter hours worked (hourly paid staff), PTO, change your address, update tax information, change/add direct deposits, etc. Hourly staff will need to input hours daily. All employees will input PTO in the payroll period they are off.

Faculty: HCM is where you will make changes of addresses, tax changes, direct deposits, taxes, view your paychecks, etc.

Students:  HCM is where you will enter hours to get paid.

Supervisors:  HCM is where you will approve hours for your staff and students. After the migration in March, supervisors will need to approve time in Oracle HCM by designated time each pay period to ensure staff and students are paid in that pay period.

The Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium (GMHEC) and our member institutions of Champlain College, Middlebury and St. Michael’s College are actively upgrading to modern day technology, implementing best practices and, working together, we are creating cost savings and avoiding significant costs .